How to extend the life of silicone love dolls?

12 avril 2019 ulovers divers

Are you planning to buy a life size silicone sex dolls? Do you want to know the future of your future love doll TPE silicone? Yes, many of you are worried about the life of TPE silicone dolls. Reassuringly, the silicone used to make realistic dolls is a durable and durable material. However, it is not easy to estimate the life of silicone dolls in the future. This kind of life depends mainly on the use, but it also depends on your love doll.

Our partner store reminds us to use rules and good behavior guidelines, as well as the use, handling and maintenance of silicone dolls. Below is a small section of 10 rules exiled to keep its silicone doll for as long as possible.

It is forbidden to touch 10 habits of love dolls.

1. Put her silicone doll on the scratched clothes.

This habit can damage/change/scratch the silicone skin of your love doll.

2. Expose your love doll to the sun.

This habit can change/distort/degenerate/fade the silicone of the doll.

3. Realistic silicone doll wearing new clothes.

This habit may color the silicone of your realistic doll.

4. Put on too little clothes for her silicone dolls.

This habit can compress and distort the shape of the silicone.

5. Expose your love doll to a sharp object.

This habit can maximize the risk of accidents and thus change/tearing the doll’s silicone.

6. Dress up your love doll.

This habit may fade/distort the quality of the silicone of the TPE doll.

7. Do not clean your love doll after each use.

This habit may be detrimental to the hygiene of the tpe dolls and the protection of the silicone under the original state.

8. When you are in close contact with a love doll, don’t protect yourself.

This habit can damage TPE silica (the material is porous). In the case of unprotected reports, cleaning must be done immediately after use.

9. Do not use TPE adhesive for silicone repair.

This habit is not feasible. TPE silicone repair must be performed using a specific TPE adhesive. The next article on repairing TPE silicone dolls will be written on this blog.

10. Knead his love doll with excessive force, forcing unrealistic posture.

These habits will irreversibly destroy your silicone love dolls. The flexibility of silicone and the joints of the metal skeleton have their limitations (the same as the authenticity of the human body).

You have some tips to safely save, store, and use your love dolls, which you can share by commenting on this article. The silicone doll lovers community will be happy to learn from them.

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